Sunday, 28 October 2007

Sayaka Isoyama x 5

No your not seeing double, your seeing quintuple. I guess five times Sayaka is better than no Sayaka at all. The source for these wallpapers is a scan and retouch from the master &watami. Res for these walls is: 1280x1024, 1024x768, 1680x1050.

Sayaka Isoyama

Sayaka Isoyama

Sayaka Isoyama


Pandora said...

I really enjoy all of your wallpapers but for whatever reason the girls in this picture seem to have very large calves.. or is that just me?

Shiro Neko said...

Thanks for the feed back ^_^

To answer your question, no, it's not just you, Sayaka's calves do look rather large in this picture. I have a feeling its due to the lens used for the shot or the way the images were composited together. Having seen many other images of her, I can say that this is the only image where she looks like this.