Saturday, 28 April 2007

Sayaka Ando Wallpaper

Hot of the press is a new Sayaka Ando wallpaper. This is my first wallpaper at a widescreen resolution of 1440x900. Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

May you please upload this wallpaper in 1680 by 1050 please? Thanks in advance and thanks for uploading my previous request.

Shiro Neko said...

Its already in the right aspect ratio (16:10) so to set it as your desktop just use the "stretch" option to have it fill the screen. Having said that, the wallpaper may not look so good when stretched so I'll dig around for the original image and post the wallpaper at 1680x1050.

Anonymous said...

^^ Yes, I tried that and like you said the picture seems blurry a bit which is why I prefer high res quality wallpapers. Thanks for your help.